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Jemima Lopez is a freelance blogger and writer who writes for Zen College Life, the directory of higher education, distance learning, and best online schools.

A recent article in Forbes magazine questioned the status of women in the contemporary American workforce: are they as prominently placed as they deserve to be in managerial and senior positions?

The author of the article felt that the answer to that question was no, and that women still have obstacles to overcome to establish themselves in 2012 and beyond. Well, who are the entrepreneurial women who will lead the next generation of women to a brighter future? More importantly, what web resources are there for entrepreneurial women looking for guidance?

Women Entrepreneur Sites

Here are three that have caught my attention lately.

1. CNN’s 10 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs of 2011

CNN Money recently published an article showcasing the organization’s picks for the 10 most powerful women entrepreneurs of 2011. The article  explains the decisions and motivations that helped these women arrive at their highpoint in the business world.

Every woman on the list cites a struggle that they overcame to reach the success that they’ve achieved, a success that was largely earned on the merits of their own hard work.  The women and their accomplishments are nothing short of amazing. Personally, it only strengthens my resolve to make a difference in a male-dominated workforce.

You may not have heard of many of the names on the list, but that doesn’t make their stories any less inspirational, including the story about a recent Harvard grad who is revolutionizing a form of renewable energy for third world countries.

Other stand-out women on this list include the surprisingly business-oriented Chelsea Handler of late night comedy fame, Arianna Huffington’s story of eventual media infamy, and tech-entrepreneur Sandy Kurtzig’s stunning second act in the industry.

2. Women in the World

News aggregate The Daily Beast—founded by former Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown—recently started a new section of their publication, called Women in the World. The page highlights the accomplishments of women of varying disciplines across the world.

Women in the World treats successful female executives and passionate activists in the streets with equal respect and coverage. Through insightful and thorough journalism, the site posts stirring stories of women making key policy decisions in the boardroom and courageous women in third world countries with the same intent: to show how the women of present try to change the unfair conditions of the societies that impede them.

One story centers around a Sudanese woman turned fashion model in New York City uses her newfound influence to spread advocacy about her home country, while another profiles the female Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (one of a few female Senators in Congress). If you’re interested in the way that women are shaping the world right now, there’s no better site to check out.

3. Women 2.0

A site for the entrepreneurial blogger, Women 2.0 targets web-savvy women looking to promote and expand small to mid-size online enterprises. The blog’s many experienced authors go to great lengths to give readers the best information in the field. With instructive posts on web marketing, blogging tips, social media usage, and entrepreneurship in general, Women 2.0 gives a prominent voice to an underrepresented demographic in the blogosphere.

If you’re a woman (or a man) with questions about founding, running, and maintaining a web-based start up company, you’ll likely find some answer on Women 2.0. This site would be a great first stop for women with major blogging ambitions!

So what are your favorite sites that advocate for entrepreneurial women?

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