Featured Women In Business: Emilia Doerr of Web Marketing Therapy

Emilia DoerrEmilia Doerr is a client treatment specialist for Web Marketing Therapy, a full-service marketing agency that guides and prescribes successful marketing efforts for the life of your organization. Read more about Emilia, or check out the Web Marketing Therapy blog.

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OWM: What’s it like working as a group of women in internet marketing?

ED: Working as a team of “wild web women” is a truly remarkable experience – especially in a heavily male dominated industry. As a group of she-geeks, we each have our own unique abilities but are drawn together by our common passion for learning and educating.

Our work is very team-driven – which has proven incredibly beneficial working in a field that is constantly growing and evolving. We’ve discovered that we are able to harness the power of web marketing more effectively together as a group of individuals with a range of skills and specialties.

OWM: What was the inspiration behind Web Marketing Therapy?

ED: Our agency’s founder, Lorrie Thomas, bought the domain www.webmarketingtherapy.com in 2005 after realizing that she was more of a “marketing therapist” than your average consultant. A big part of what we do as an agency is listen to our clients as they tell us about the various marketing ailments that afflict them, whether it’s marketing overwhelm and frustration or dysfunctional partnerships with vendors.

We also noticed that people were approaching us because they were sick and tired of consultants coming in and putting a quick Band-Aid on symptoms without addressing the root causes of their ailing marketing. After multiple client therapy sessions, we realized that there was truly a need for our healthy and holistic approach to web marketing.

OWM: Do you find that you tend to take a different approach to web marketing than some of your male peers?

ED: Our approach tends to stand out from other agencies because we marry the art and the science of web marketing to enable organizations to achieve meaningful results. And while we take our work very seriously, we try not to take ourselves too seriously – which is reflected in our fun approach to guiding and prescribing successful marketing efforts for businesses and organizations. We stage marketing interventions, tell clients when they are a danger to themselves and others, dish out tough love, and offer comic relief as needed to help companies achieve greater web health and wealth!

OWM: What do you find is the hardest part about internet marketing for women?

ED: There are no limits to the success women can achieve on the internet – which may be difficult for anyone who’s afraid of making a splash. Women tend to gravitate towards creating connections and building relationships, so there is so much potential for them to draw on their inherent abilities to rock their businesses online.

The new rules of marketing are all about the power of creating and leveraging valuable communities, content, and conversations – which is probably why there are so many women out there successfully making a living on the web.

OWM: What’s the most important thing for women to know when marketing online?

The new rules of marketing rely on the same best practices as offline marketing. While there are lots of online tools and advancements in technology that are revolutionizing the way marketers disseminate their messages, the most important thing to focus on is still your marketing foundation.

The mediums are changing, but the value you are offering your current and prospective clients and the end goals you hope to achieve are still the main driving forces behind your marketing strategy.

At WMT, we always emphasize baking your marketing cake in order and doing it in a way that makes sense. Our mission is to educate professionals about ways to effectively put the power of web marketing to work for their organizations’ specific goals. For many people, admitting that they need web marketing help will be the first step to recovery.

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