Marketing Podcast, Episode 6: Sparkling Marketing

Christine Mason MillerToday’s One Woman Marketing podcast features an interview with artist and author Christine Mason Miller, also known as Swirly Girl.


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I came across Christine’s blog almost 10 years ago and fell in love with her writing and artwork. She’s also the author of a book titled Plant Your Dreams And The Miracles Will Grow, and the creator of a successful product line that retails at places like Target, Borders, Jo-Ann Fabrics and others.

Christine recently released a second book, Ordinary Sparkling Moments: Reflections on Success and Contentment. It’s a stunning collection of collages and handwritten musings on creating an authentic business and leading an authentic life.

I know because I received a copy for my birthday last month, and once I read it I knew Christine would make the perfect guest for the podcast.

Art by Christine Mason Miller

In this interview we talk about turning your passion into a viable business. I also discuss the results of the recent reader survey, and highlight the upcoming changes to Womenwise Marketing in the new year. You can learn more about Christine by visiting her web site, or order artwork at her Etsy shop.

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