15 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Likes (And Why You Should)

Guest PostThis is a guest blog post by Jenna Smith, who recommends Online Reputation Management for social media marketing.

For small businesses with a social media strategy, boosting the number of users who “Like” your Facebook page often takes a backseat to other elements of online reputation management. But your Facebook Likes can still be an important social media tool.

Here are three reasons for boosting your Likes.

1. Improved Credibility.

For a large corporation, the difference between having 10,000 and 12,000 Likes on their Facebook page is insignificant. For the smaller business, the difference between 50 and 300 Likes is more worthwhile, since that second number confers an added legitimacy and credibility to the enterprise in the form of social proof.

2. Boosted Exposure.

When Facebook users Like your page, any photos or updates that you post will show in their news feed, giving them repeated exposure to your product. Moreover, the fact that a person Likes your page will be noted in their profile. This means that a friend of this person can be informed of your page, access it with one click, and potentially become a future customer.

3. Strengthened Loyalty.

The more people who Like your page, the greater the ability for you to initiate a two-way street of communication between you and your loyal consumers. You can ask these consumers for input and offer them promotions or discounts. In return, they will provide real-time assessments of your products and, of course, continue to remain loyal purchasers.

15 Ways to Increase Facebook Likes

So, as you can see, increasing the Likes on your Facebook page may not be of make-or-break importance in your social media campaign, but it is certainly a worthwhile strategy to pursue – especially considering that it costs no money and minimal time to do so. Here’s how.

1. Ask friends, family and colleagues to Like your page, especially when working to build up fans in the early going.

2. Have a large “Like Us On Facebook” image on your website’s homepage or an a targeted landing page.

3. Include a link to your Facebook page in electronic signatures and any other form of correspondence.

4. Make certain portions of your Facebook page visible only to those who Like it.

5. Generate excitement through contests, promotions and giveaways.

6. Integrate with other social media platforms – ask Twitter followers, for example, to Like you on Facebook.

7. Post daily updates with news articles that are interesting or  related to your industry.

8. Take vibrant, high-quality images to frame the top of your page and generate greater interest.

9. Like other businesses or organizations in your field or your local area.

10. Offer discounts and special promotions for those who Like your page.

11. Advertise your page through Facebook.

12. Use a social media marketing company.

13. Send an email request to your subscription or mailing list.

14. Tag people in your page’s photos and encourage fans to do the same.

15. Embed videos from your site into your Facebook page.

These tips represent just 15 of the many strategies out there for boosting the number of Likes on your business’ Facebook page. No matter which of these strategies you choose to pursue, you’ll be glad that you gave it an effort. After all, although the difference between 300 and 500 Likes may not seem like a big deal, every little amount adds up these days in an increasingly-crowded social marketing world.

How do you increase your Facebook Likes? Let me know in the comments section below.

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