Hot Mommas Invade The Capitol


If you’ve noticed a lack of new posts around here lately, it’s because I’ve been sick with a chest cold. Sometime between giving a marketing workshop on Tuesday and eating all the leftover chocolate-chip cookies from said workshop, I picked up a nasty virus that left me sick in bed all week.

Thankfully I was feeling good enough yesterday to drive down to Washington, D.C. and attend the Hot Mommas Project Case Study Competition Awards.It was a three-hour drive, but having an old high-school buddy and her GPS system made it seem much shorter. The event kicked off with a speech by Linda Rabbit, founder and CEO of Rand Construction Corporation.


Afterward, Kathy Korman Frey (whom I interviewed in episode four of the One Woman Marketing podcast) announced the winners, and we were treated to a short speech by the first-place winner, Saranne Rothberg. She talked about how her experience with cancer inspired her to create the ComedyCures Foundation.

After the speech, everyone gathered upstairs for a reception and refreshments, and I was able to meet Kathy & Saranne in person. You can read the case studies of the winners and everyone else (me included!) at the Hot Mommas blog, or check out Shashi Bellamkonda’s photos of the main event.


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