Guest Blog Posting Guide for Solo Entrepreneurs

Guest PostThis is a guest post by Jayson Bagio, founder and director of He has been in SEO for 3 years and currently works as a consultant for Martin Lindstrom – international brand workshop leader, author and branding speaker.

Guest blog posting is one of the best ways to do brand outreach, establish your online presence and improve your SEO. There are four phases in guest posting:

  1. Identifying Link Opportunities
  2. Blogger Outreach
  3. Content Creation
  4. Relationship Building

Guest Blog Post Guide

1. Identifying Link Opportunities

One great way to identify link opportunities is to join online communities. From organizations and forums toYouTube channels and Linkedin groups, communities can help you connect with new venues and make in-roads with their owners. Join them, then start building your name and brand by being part of their conversations.

Google search can also help you find guest blog post opportunities. Track down author bylines by searching for the phrases “This is a guest post,” “guest contribution by,” “a guest author,” or “this guest post was written.” Use quotation marks to find an exact match phrase.

Guest Blog Post Search

You can also use inurl:blog to output search results that have blog on their URLs. Similarly, intitle:guestpost returns search results that have guest post in their titles.

Don’t just stop at Google. Perform similar searches on Twitter to discover new guest blog post venues.

Guest Blog Twitter Search

2. Blogger Outreach

Once you’ve collected potential link prospects, you can start reaching out to bloggers. Form emails can help you do this quickly, but always think of creative ways that you can introduce yourself and connect with bloggers in a personalized way. Here are some tips: 

•   Be a stalker – The success of your email campaign depends on how much you know about the person. Giving praise about his or her previous work is always a good way to start conversation.

•   Be clear about your goals – Some bloggers hate long talk and praises.

•   Suggest your title or topic – Time is important for these people, and they hate inquiries that are too vague. Asking for a guest posting gig without pitching ideas aren’t going to work.

•   Be persistent – Always follow up with an additional email or two if you don’t get a reply.

•   Most importantly – Read and follow guest post guidelines.

3. Content Creation

Content, more than any other factor, determines the success and failure of your brand outreach. Compelling content can move people to follow you and give you the reputation of being an influencer.

Here are five easy ways to write a content that you can pitch in your guest blogging campaign.

  1. Create useful tips and guides. Avoid  run-of-the-mill topics that have been endlessly covered on other websites. Also be sure to include images so your article wouldn’t be bland.
  2. If you’re lacking ideas for your next post, think outside the box. Take a fresh angle on your next post. If you’re writing about top brand consultants, why not talk about their books? You can also discuss their best marketing techniques.
  3. Blogs and websites like lists. Period. Write something striking about your niche. Get the best or the worst category, and pitch it to a top blog site.
  4. Subscribe to Google Alerts to check what’s popular in your niche. Then, strike whilst the iron is hot!
  5. Last but not the least, go green. Evergreen content is content that never goes out of date. Good examples of evergreen content are encyclopedia articles, database and information articles and even hobby-specific guides.

4. Nurturing Relationships

When doing guest post campaigns, we naturally engage the blog owner and connect with readers. Here are simple steps to keep your engagement high after the guest blog post goes live.

•   Reply on blog comments – It’s your responsibility to reply to comments about your post. Every blog is a community; therefore you need to actively participate on conversations and be the expert who can answer people’s questions.

•   Engage your followers and promote your guest post on your network. – Yes, the blog owner has his or her followers and readers. But promoting your post in your circle can always add a strong value in your engagement.

•   Make the second time sweeter than the first – Your first guest post was a success, so why stop there? Create new topic ideas, and impress the blog owner by doing a guest post for the second time. Make that relationship last forever.

What has helped you land guest blog posts in the past? Let us know in the comments section below!

2 Responses to Guest Blog Posting Guide for Solo Entrepreneurs

  • jayson says:

    Thanks for this lovely opportunity Kelly :) I hope that I was able to add more chunk to your readers knowledge…can’t wait for the next title for onewomanmarketing.

  • Marisa South says:

    Jayson thank you for your outstanding guest post!

    I will be referring to it going forward, particularly as I am launching some PR campaigns for some high profile clients.

    I am definitely looking forward to you sharing more knowledge in the future!


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