Free Guide to Copywriting from the Heart (No Signup Necessary)

CopywriterWe’ve all read bad copywriting. The kind that tries to strong-arm you into making a purchase. The kind that makes one bogus promise after another. The kind that makes you feel dirty for having read it.

Good copywriting is much harder to spot, because it calls so little attention to itself. Rather, it pulls your attention to its subject matter, and sparks a desire that seems to grow organically.

The Problem with Copywriting

Many small business owners have become so turned off by bad marketing copy that they swing far in the other direction. They hesitate to write or speak anything positive about whatever they’re promoting, afraid it will be taken as hype. They avoid calls to action, fearing they’ll be construed as manipulation.

As a result, their written marketing materials come off as dry and boring. In trying to be inoffensive, these solopreneurs strip their marketing materials of anything that might arouse interest.

They forget that readers want to be interested. And as consumers, we want things to seem attractive and valuable and compelling. We just don’t want to be deceived.

Copywriting From The Heart

A few weeks ago, I gave a teleseminar at the YogaHub World Conference on “Copywriting From The Heart.” It was a huge hit, and I’m currently compiling the material into an ebook for release later this year.

I wanted to share some helpful tips now, so I created a free cheat sheet on “Copywriting From The Heart” to guide you through your next copywriting project.

OK, it’s actually four sheets — four pages of writing exercises and helpful info on:

•     Telling your story
•     Getting to know your audience
•     Writing the rough draft
•     The five fundamentals of good copywriting
•     Additional resources

Copywriting From The Heart PDFOpen the PDF document by clicking “Copywriting From The Heart,” or save a copy to your computer by right-clicking the link and then choosing “Save As…”

Also, feel free to share this with your friends, colleagues or your own blog readers – just be sure to credit One Woman Marketing.

What do you struggle with writing copy? Or perhaps you avoid it altogether. Let me know in the comments section below.

10 Responses to Free Guide to Copywriting from the Heart (No Signup Necessary)

  • Mikegladson says:

    Hey Kelly,
    My first time to your blog, I like it very much. I thought I knew everything there was to know about copyrighting till (yes, thats a word don here in Oklahoma) I saw this post. Downloaded and cant wait to read…Awesome concept. I think it, fits in with the new “social web”. Old copyrighting tactics are to invasive and pushy, while the new way is the soft, “under the radar”
    sell. All those years I struggled to learn effective copywriting…Good thing it is what I love!!!!

  • Kelly Watson says:

    Thanks Mike — hope you like it!

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  • Fiona says:

    Hi Kelly,

    It’s my first time to your blog, too. Thanks very much for your insights! Will be adding your feed to my regular online marketing reading arsenal!

  • Jomil says:

    i’m another 1st-timer and I happened upon this site. I’m really glad I did because I am about to start a sales position where I will be the ONLY woman…AND only Black person in my office…maybe 1 of 10 in the entire company I am on the search for good tips to appeal to my market so we can change that demographic! Thanks for all your tips.

  • Kelly Watson says:

    Thanks Jomil! Glad to hear the resources are helpful. Please let me know if there’s a specific issue or topic you’d like to see covered in a future post — and good luck at your new job!

  • Linda says:

    I wish I’d found you before! Thanks for the great information, it’s wonderful to hear you telling it in a new way.

    I finally feel hopeful, because I’ve found it hard to get the right balance. Offline I’m funny, but I feel I need to be seen as ‘professional’ online, and I haven’t been comfortable trying to express myself.

    There are so many being cloned through the same courses which don’t necessarily suit their personalities, and it’s become boring hearing the same phrases in the same order!

    Thanks very much for showing us how we can reveal our own personalities.

  • Rodney Daut says:

    So did you write the ebook on copywriting from the heart yet? I’d be interested in taking a look at it.

  • Kelly Kautz says:

    Hi Rodney,
    I ultimately abandoned the full version of this ebook because of a lack of interest. But I can recommend two of my favorite books on copywriting: How to Write a Good Advertisement, by Victor O. Schwab, and The Adweek Copywriting Handbook. The books by Robert Bly are also good. Hope that helps!

  • Alex says:

    Copy writing is not that difficult. Thank you for sharing this guide. I can be out of my shell with it.
    Alex recently posted…What is the best online backup?

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