Freelance Copywriting Services From Kelly Kautz


You may have the best web design in the world, but only your copywriting will determine whether people take action.

Will they make a purchase? Contact you for more information? Or hit the “back” button mere seconds after they arrive?

It all depends on your copywriting, so you’d better make it good.

What’s the ROI of Copywriting?

Good copywriting doesn’t just “sound” nice. It also:

•   Includes the keywords necessary for search engine traffic
•   Boosts sales by reducing objections
•   Helps customers justify larger purchases
•   Raises the ROI of other online marketing efforts

With the money you’ve already invested in marketing your business, can you afford to bargain-shop for the most crucial part of your sales cycle? Or will you reap the traffic and sales that come from professional copywriting?

Experience Counts

Kelly Kautz is a journalist and copywriter with nearly 10 years of marketing and consulting experience. She’s written for companies such as:

•    New Holland Agriculture
•    Listrak Email Marketing
•    The Pennsylvania Department of Health

She has won awards for work in web, video and mobile. Kelly also has in-depth knowledge of search engine optimization and the keywords your copywriting needs to generate web traffic.

Megan Ouellet“Kelly wrote many keyword-rich long tail articles that have helped us maintain a first-page Google ranking and drive leads to our web site. … She met all of our deadlines even after we doubled the amount of work we sent to her.”

—Megan Ouellet, Listrak Email Marketing


Web Site Copywriting, Before and After

Want proof? Check out the “before” and “after” versions of web copywriting Kelly Kautz wrote for a children’s charity. Guess which version generated more donations?


Welcome to Jessica’s story. Jessica has endured two bouts of heart failure, two transplants, and two types of cancer, one considered terminal. Her journey started at the age of seven. She went into heart failure, due to dilated cardiomyopathy, which weakens the heart muscles. Then, she fought to overcome liver cancer. There have been many complications and setbacks. And, it takes more effort for Jessica to live like a normal teenager.


Each day, 18-year-old Jessica Bojarski waits for the phone call that will change everything.

Unlike most teens, she’s not waiting to hear from a potential employer, or a college admissions department. Jessica is waiting to receive the donor heart that will save her young life.

This isn’t the first time Jessica has played the waiting game. She is one of the few people in the world approved for a third heart transplant.

Martha Kautz“Ms. Kautz took a broad topic — breastfeeding — and helped me to create an engrossing state document that will inspire conversations across Pennsylvania. Ms. Kautz whittled down research, added human interest and even offered tips on how to integrate the document with online resources and nationwide marketing efforts. Her work has been invaluable.”

—Martha Kautz, PA Department of Health

How To Get Started

Start reaping the benefits of professional copywriting today. Just fill out this brief copywriting order form (PDF opens in new window). Then contact Kelly Kautz by phone or email to discuss your project.

Francesca Donner“Much needed, excellent content. We’d be delighted to have more from you in the future.”

—Francesca Donner, Editor