Old Ideas Made New: Ads From Art

The senior copywriter and I were discussing originality earlier this week. He was upset that people were stealing his funny lines and claiming them as their own.

“There’s nothing new under the sun,” I said. (He hates it when I use cliches.)

“Bullshit, I think of new funny ideas all the time,” he replied.

Regardless of who’s right, plenty of great ideas for marketing come from existing works. For proof, look to this series of advertisements inspired by great works of art. I’m not sure which I like better –Vincent Van Gogh holding a camera, or the jumble of lines and squares that used to be a Piet Mondrian.

Some of these ads are more clever than others. And for every great ad inspired by masterpieces, there are sure to be a dozen that are hackneyed and contrived. But this is what inspired me today. What inspired you?

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