Hi There! I’m Kelly Kautz.

Kelly Kautz age 11I didn’t set out to become a marketing consultant. As a kid, I wanted to be a writer, like Beverly Cleary or Judy Blume.

At school, teachers scolded me for scribbling stories during math and science.

At home, I ran up my family’s AOL bill making a website to showcase my work. I called it “Kelly’s Place in Cyberspace,” and embedded .MIDI files of Backstreet Boys songs onto every page.

Yeah, it was that cool.

Getting Down to Business

After earning my Bachelor of English, I felt ready to take on the world. But finding a job proved difficult. My parents owned small businesses, so I wrote their sales brochures in exchange for free rent. Word of my services spread.

Soon those brochures blossomed into a freelance copywriting business.

Kelly and Bailey at the OfficeBetween gigs, I read everything I could about marketing – from sales psychology to search engine optimization. In 2008, I started One Woman Marketing to share what I’d learned.

In 2010, one of my favorite clients offered me a full-time job.

Now I’m a senior copywriter for JPL, where I create content strategy and marketing campaigns for some of the nation’s top brands.

The Braggy Part (And the Bottom Line)

Over the years, I’ve helped small businesses flourish, and large corporations launch successful six-figure ad campaigns. Companies I’ve worked with include:

•    New Holland Agriculture
•    Listrak Email Marketing
•    The Pennsylvania Department of Health

Kelly KautzI’ve won awards for work in web, video and mobile. I’ve also written articles for Forbes.com, Target Marketing Magazine and other publications.

My philosophy is simple: I believe that great marketing can be a catalyst for better businesses and better lives.

And great marketing starts with great stories.

While I never dreamed of becoming a marketer, I’m still living my dream. And each day, I get to help other business owners and entrepreneurs make their own dreams come true.

Have a burning marketing question? Just want to get in touch? Let’s talk! You can also connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.