Delta’s Breastfeeding Debacle on Twitter

Delta tells a mom she can’t breastfeed without a cover … less than a day after encouraging followers to flash their “…smile” in Mardis Gras.

A friend of mine recently shared a blog post detailing a Twitter exchange between Delta and a nursing mom. The mom’s baby refuses to nurse under a cover. She asked @DeltaAssist if she can breastfeed without a cover on the 6-hour flight. @DeltaAssist said no.


Delta Says No Breastfeeding


I, too, have a baby who refuses to breastfeed under a cover. So I understand Lindsay’s plight. I logged onto Twitter to share my disappointment in Delta’s response. That’s when I saw their post about Mardi Gras … and flashing.


Delta Says Flash Us


So … it’s fine to flash your boobs in public, as long as you’re not feeding your child.

I shouldn’t be surprised. Society has been sending this mixed message to mothers for generations. But to have it so demonstrated so clearly, on the social media feed of a major airline, is mind-blowing.

Friends in the aviation business tell me that Delta is actually very supportive of nursing mothers, and that @DeltaAssist’s tweet is likely the mistake of an untrained employee. Fine. But I’m not letting Delta off the hook until they make it clear that all nursing mothers are welcome on board.

One Woman Marketing is Taking a Break

September 2013 marks my five-year anniversary of blogging at One Woman Marketing. When I started, I was a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant trying to eke out a living. Now I’m a copywriter for JPL, where I work with global brands.

Kelly and Liam

It’s been a crazy ride. And it’s been even crazier since the arrival of this little guy. I’m currently taking a step back from maintaining One Woman Marketing so that I can focus on my family, my day job, and my other interests. If you want to keep in touch, you’ll find occasional updates on my personal blog.

You can also find five years of free marketing resources in the blog archives, from podcasts and a blogging ebook to inspired marketing examples and interviews with women in business.

I’m still passionate about marketing, and will return to One Woman Marketing eventually. Right now, I’m not sure when that will be. But thank you so much for your support, whether you’re a first-time visitor or a long-time reader. You have made this endeavor so rewarding, and so worthwhile.

Content Marketing is Not For Wimps

Content marketing has been consuming my work life lately.

Summer is usually a slow time, with clients on vacation. But this summer has been anything but slow. I spent the past few months buried under two large content marketing projects. The first involved a massive content audit; the other involved the planning and creation of 300+ new pages. Both gave me the opportunity to put the content marketing tools I’ve been studying to the test.

Content marketing seems so intuitive when you read about it online. But putting it into practice can be anything but intuitive. Whether you’re working with a massive eCommerce platform or just juggling a few blog posts, you quickly find that that your work has a habit of growing exponentially every time you check an item off your to-do list.

(This is probably why Ian Lurie’s guide to creating a content strategy is 652 steps long.)

Just the term “content marketing” is deceptive. It doesn’t just describe a few product listings or a blog post, or even a combination of the two. It entails an entire communications strategy and all the moving pieces within — moving pieces that, if you do your job correctly, work together like a well-oiled machine.

Here’s what I learned about content marketing over the past few months, while I was busy oiling machines.

1. Learn Excel.

I know. I KNOW. Excel is ugly. It’s complicated. But it’s a powerful program that can help you organize tons of content with a single click, if you know how to use it correctly. During my first content audit, I struggled to perform the most basic tasks. Then a coworker waltzed in, set up a few functions within the spreadsheet, and saved me countless hours of work.

Coming away from that project, I still don’t know everything I should know about Excel. But I’ve made it a priority to learn.

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The Best Dentist Ad Ever

Dentist Ad

I’ve spent the past month buried under a content audit, so I haven’t had time to write new posts. But sometimes the perfect piece of blog content falls into your lap.

Case in point: this dentist flier I received in the mail last week. OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Are those his dental hygienists in the background? Can you imagine the sales pitch Dr. Kolsun made?

“I’ve got this great idea for a photo shoot! We just need seven matching wigs, and magenta lipstick. I’ll order the t-shirts.”

I wonder what My Dentist Rocks volume 1 looks like. Iggy Pop, maybe?